Dejan Šorak director

Birth: 29. 3. 1954., Karlovac

Sorak took a degree in film and television directing from the Academy of Theatre, Film and Television (today Academy of Drama Arts) in Zagreb. Along with Zoran Tadić and Živorad Tomić he is the eminent representative of Croatian genre film of the 1980’s, but, unlike the two aforementioned, he is prone to a more relaxed mixture of different genres - from persiflage western (Mala pljačka vlaka), ironical horror (Krvopijci) to action-adventure thriller The Time of Warriors (Vrijeme ratnika). He achieved his greatest success among critics and audiences with his post-war melodrama Officer With a Rose (Oficir s ružom, 1987), about an impossible love between a Partisan and a young bourgeois woman. He also directed for television and radio and wrote two novels.

Awards: Pula 87' - Golden arena for screenplay of the film Oficir s ružom


Year: 1999


Year: 1989

Mala pljačka vlaka

Year: 1984

Oficir s ružom

Year: 1987

Vrijeme ratnika

Year: 1991


Year: 1989

Dva igrača s klupe

Year: 2005.

U zemlji čudesa

Year: 2009.

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