Živorad Tomić director

Birth: 15. 6. 1951., Zagreb

He studied comparative literature and English literature at the University of Philosophy, and afterwards film and television directing at the Academy for Theatre, Film and Television (nowadays called the Academy of Drama Arts) in Zagreb. He is a respected film critic, a member of the generation of the so-called "Filmists" (named after the magazine Film from the end of 1970s) that combined the experiences of auteur politics and genre critique. For many years, he has worked for Croatian Television in the film department. He has made two feature-length films, Kraljeva završnica and Diploma za smrt. He is a prominent representative of Croatian genre film of the 1980s.

Pula 87' - Magazine Studio’s Golden Wreath for Directing Debut

Diploma za smrt

Year: 1989

Kraljeva završnica

Year: 1987

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