Diploma za smrt film

Production year: 1989

Duration: oko 105 minuta

Technique: color


Tomić, Živorad

Production house:
Marjan film
Color 2000 (München)

Kolbas Silvestar

The story takes place in contemporary Zagreb. Two best friends, after finishing college, start a criminal business. With their new and aggressive approach, they soon encroach on the turf of more established criminals, making conflict inevitable. Ultimately, the two friends grow apart - the more humane of the two cannot keep up with his hard-bitten, unscrupulous friend…

Ranko Zidarić, Filip Šovagović, Ksenija Pajić, Suzana Nikolić, Ivo Gregurević, , Vlatko Dulić, Mladen Crnobrnja, Kruno Šarić, Ljubo Zečević, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)/Federative Republic of Germany (West Germany)

Zoran Bručić, Živorad Tomić

Music by:
Zoran Bručić

Edited by:
Zoltan Wagner

Set designer:
Velimir Domitrović

Costume designer:
Lada Škunca

Živorad Tomić conceived his debut feature film, Kraljeva zavrsnica, as a revenge film in the genre of so-called thriller drama. In his next film, Diploma za smrt, he opted for a Croatian-style gangster flick. Part of what makes the film unique is that the criminal world that Tomic was portraying did not exist in Croatia at that time, (a fact which some of the critics grumbled about), but very soon, in the early 1990s, his vision of a criminal underworld in Zagreb became a grim reality. This makes the film a very precise anticipation of the social and political changes of the 1990s. Officially, the screenplay is based on Zoran Bručić’s novel, but in reality, he finished his book only after the film was completed. The audience received this film fairly well. Indeed, many people still remember the popular line growled by one of the old gangsters, played by Fabijan Šovagović: “Nobody fucks with me”.

Awards: Bitolj 1989 - special diploma to the best debutant cinematographer

Screening permit: from July 25, 1989

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