Ne daj se, Floki! film

Production year: 2000

Duration: 88 minuta

Technique: color


Tadić, Zoran

Production house:
Hrvatski filmski savez
Hrvatska radiotelevizija

Ruljančić Dragan

In one of Zagreb’s newly built neighborhoods, a stray dog is searching for a new home. However, this is easier said than done, because the inhabitants of one of the buildings have different opinions about keeping pets in apartments. The boy Jura, who already has the name Floki for the dog and wants to adopt him, will learn how different people in his building are. Eventually, with his grandparents’ help, he will find a home for Floki…

Mladen Crnobrnja (dad), Jagoda Kralj (mom), Mario Vuk (Jura), Franjo Majetić (Franjo), Zdenka Heršak (Eliza), Zvonko Torjanac (grandfather), Zoran Pokupec (poet), Otokar Levaj (Dragec), Mirjana Pičuljan (Rezika), Tomislav Gotovac (Grašo), Tošo Jelić (beggar), Ðuro Utješanović (doctor)

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Kazimir Klarić

Music by:
Alfi Kabiljo

Edited by:
Vesna Štefić

Set designer:
Ivan Ivan

Costume designer:
Lada Gamulin

This film is a shortened version of the TV series under the same title that was made fifteen years before this film. From a kid’s perspective, this film tells the story about life in the huge buildings typical of the Socialist era and the many different characters found in them. The assorted characters are characteristic of the director Tadić, whose previous films are generally much better than this one.