Donator film

Production year: 1989

Duration: oko 115 minuta

Technique: color


Bulajić, Veljko

Production house:
Meteor film
Jadran film

Turković Boris

In 1942, a German art historian, Major Handke, receives an order from the Gestapo to locate a valuable art collection of the deceased French collector Vollard. Handke finds out that a young Jew from Belgrade, Erich Šlomović, inherited part of the collection. However, after Vollard’s death, Erich left France and decided to return to his home country and open a Museum of Eastern and Western Art. Handke manages to find Šlomović’s girlfriend Juana and discovers that the collector is hiding along with his mother in a village Bacina. A few years later, Germany is on the verge of collapse and nobody knows what happened to Šlomović or his art collection…

Ljubomir Todorović (Erich Šlomović), Peter Carsten (Handke), Urška Hlebec (Šlomović’s girlfriend), Ana Karić (Šlomović’s mother), Charles Millot, Tonko Lonza, Zvonimir Lepetić, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Ivo Brešan

Music by:
Arsen Dedić

Edited by:
Sandra Botica

Set designer:
Vladimir Tadej

Costume designer:
Jasna Novak

By domestic standards, this is a very luxurious and professional production. It suffers from weakly elaborated characters, and inauthentic creativity and inspiration. Moreover, the drama of the story is constantly hinted at, but is rarely felt. The final product is essentially a bleak film. It was based on real historical events and is structured as a sequence of people’s recollections about the mysterious Šlomović.

Awards: Pula 1989 - Golden Arena for music
               Special Golden Arena for sound posthumously to Mladen Prebil (together with Čovjek koji je volio sprovode)

Screening permit: from June 22, 1989

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