Mondo Bobo film

Production year: 1997

Duration: 80 minuta

Technique: black and white


Rušinović, Goran

Production house:
T. T. Petrač
N. G. Prom-Diesel
DSL film

Jemeršić Ven

Bobo, a young man, kills two criminals in self-defense. Afterwards, upon his lawyer’s advice, he turns himself to the police. He ends up in a mental hospital from which he soon escapes and meets with his girlfriend. The police and a young ambitious reporter pursue him…

Sven Medvešek (Bobo), Nataša Dorčić (journalist), Svebor Kranjc (lawyer), Mojca Židanik (Bobo’s girlfriend), Lucija Šerbedžija, Mladen Tojaga Bubi, Damir Urban, Jagoda Kaloper, Miroslav Škoro, Tomislav Gotovac, Domagoj Kovačević…

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Goran Rušinović

Music by:
Hrvoje Štefotić

Edited by:
Bernarda Fruk i Ivana Fumić

Set designer:
Grubimix Labirint

Costume designer:
Ante Tonči Vladislavić

This is the first feature film after Tomislav Radić’s Živa istina that openly draws from Jean-Luc Godard’s poetics, which were especially popular near the end of the 1990s, particularly among American independent filmmakers. Mondo Bobo is a stylistically fresh film, but its narrative and character development are somewhat lacking. In fact, it could easily be looked upon as a sketch for a more fully realized film. However, at the Pula film festival it won the Golden Arenas for the best director, male actor, set design and editing. It was also popular in some international film festivals (it won the Don Quixote award at the Cottbus film festival), as well as among Croatian film critics who praised it as an independent production that followed international film trends.

Other awards: Pula 1997 - Pula’s Golden Gate

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