Maršal film

Production year: 1999

Duration: 97 minuta

Technique: color


Brešan, Vinko

Production house:
Inter film
Hrvatska radiotelevizija

Zalar Živko

There is a rumor that the ghost of the deceased marshal Tito appeared in a small island town. Old partisans believe that their time may have come again, so they set up a pilgrim’s shrine for the veterans of WW II at the place of the ghost’s alleged appearance. The mayor wants to use this event to promote tourism in his town. A police officer, Stipan, must find what really is happening there…

Dražen Kühn (Stipan), Linda Begonja (Slavica), Ilija Ivezić (Marinko Cicin), Ivo Gregurević (mayor Luka), Boris Buzančić (mentally deranged Jakov, the alleged Tito), Ljubo Kapor (Bura), Inge Appelt (Mare), Predrag Vušović (Toni), Boris Svrtan (Lijan Mulderić), Ksenija Pajić (Danica Skulić), Vlatko Dulić (psychiatrist)

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Ivo Brešan, Vinko Brešan

Music by:
Mate Matišić

Edited by:
Sandra Botica-Brešan

Set designer:
Mario Ivezić

Costume designer:
Vesna Pleše

This is the second film by Vinko Brešan. It attracted a large number of viewers, (more than 100,000 people saw it in theatres). Additionally, it was well received at many international festivals, including in Berlin (where it won the Wolfgang Staudte award and the award of the jury consisting of readers of the Berliner Zeitung) and at Karlovy Vary (where it won the award for the best director). At the Pula Film Festival, it won the Big Golden Arena for the best screenplay, best male actor (Ilija Ivezić), music and make-up (Janoš Kalja). Unlike its predecessor, Kako je počeo rat na mom otoku, Maršal, the second part of the unofficial two-part story by the father and son Brešan, is a more luxurious, well produced, and vigorously directed film. Once more, it relies upon the basic format of a folk comedy, in this case without tragic overtones, and a dramaturgy abundant with eccentric characters. It is a parody of the sub-genre of vampire or zombie films.

Other awards: Pula 2000 - Audience’s award Pula’s Golden Gate
                          Sinchro film & video
award for the best director

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