Garcia film

Production year: 1999

Duration: 100 minuta

Technique: Super 16mm Kodak transferred to 35mm, color


Šorak, Dejan

Production house:
Ban film

Vrdoljak Vjekoslav

Before Garcia was born, his father and grandfather, Croatian political emigrants, were shot in Argentina by an unknown assassin, hired by UDBA. The father was killed and grandfather wounded. Garcia’s mother married Mihovil Lucić, who has a daughter, Viktorija, from his first marriage. Garcia’s grandfather suspects that his new son-in-law got rich by smuggling weapons. He also thinks that Mihovil is the assassin who killed Garcia’s father. He shares his suspicion with Garcia, who tries to find out the truth about his father’s death. He meets a young nun who works with drug addicts…

Dubravko Šimek (Garcia), Ksenija Pajić (nun), Vanja Drach (Garcia’s grandpa), Zoja Odak (Garcia’s mother), Josip Genda (nun’s father, Kruno Šarić (Mihovil Lucić), Linda Begonja (Viktorija), Hrvoje Klobučar, Mila Elegović, Rene Bitorajac, Goran Grgić (assassin), Pjer Meničanin (assassin), Edo Peročević

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Dejan Šorak

Music by:
Zrinko Tutić

Edited by:
Gordan Fučkar, Vedran Perišić

Set designer:
Stanislav Dobrina

Costume designer:
Doris Kristić

Even though some critics praised Garcia, it is in fact an unconvincing criminal drama in which Šorak mixed social and political critique, dramaturgical principles of television, especially South American soap operas, motifs from Romeo and Juliette and Hamlet, as well as the character of a bitter but noble and moral hero who was often portrayed by Clint Eastwood. Better parts of the film are great actors led by the amateur actor Dubravko Šimek, singer of the once popular band Agrameri. The films great cinematography won the Golden Arena in Pula.

Other awards: Pula 99' - Great Golden Arena to Vanja Drach (together with Bogorodica) and for the entire contribution to Croatian film art

Audience number in Croatia: 1 243

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