Akcija stadion film

Production year: 1977

Duration: 90 minuta; 102 minute (različiti izvori)

Technique: 35mm widescreen, color


Vukotić, Dušan

Production house:
Zagreb Film
Dunav film (Beograd)

Rajković Ivica

In 1941, Ustashas establish the Independent State of Croatia and terrorize Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and all Croatians that refuse to abide by the new government’s policies. At the stadium in Maksimir, Ustashas decide to separate high school kids of Jewish and Serbian nationality from Croatians. However, illegal communists plan to sabotage this action by setting the stadium on fire. Among the young communists is a boy whose girlfriend is Serbian and whose best friend is an ardent Ustasha…

Igor Galo, Franjo Majetić (uncle), Zvonimir Črnko, Božidar Alić, Jadranka Stilin, Zvonko Lepetić (Ustasha), Darko Srića, Nataša Hržić, Zlatko Madunić, Boris Kralj (professor), Dušan Janićijević, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia/Socialist Republic of Serbia)

Slavko Goldstein, Dušan Vukotić

Music by:
Tomica Simović

Edited by:
Damir German

Set designer:
Dušan Jeričević

Costume designer:

This is an aggressively ideological film without any serious character development or exploration of protagonists’ relationships with each other. Akcija Stadion be a negligible film were it not for its impressive visual style. Dušan Vukotić and the director of photography, Ivica Rajković, paid special attention to the composition of each and every shot, creating a film of outstanding visual cultivation and consistency.

Awards: Pula 77' - Bog Silver Arena, Golden Arena for the best screnplay; Karlove Vary 78' - Golden Rose Lidica; Niš 77' - Special diploma to Zvonko Lepetić (together with Ludim danima)

Screening permit: from July 8, 1977

Export: Soviet Union, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Germany, Austria, Australia