Dušan Vukotić director

Birth: 7. 2. 1927., Bileća, Bosna i Hercegovina

Death: 8. 7. 1998., Zagreb

He was the most prominent author of the Zagreb school of animated films. His film Surogat, from 1961, was the first non-American winner of an Oscar for animated films. His other animated film, Igra, 1962, was also nominated for the same prestigious award. During WW II, as a teenager, he joined the partisans, and after the war studied architecture in Zagreb and started to draw caricatures. He co-directed his first animated film, Kako se rodio Kićo, in 1951. In 1956, together with Nikola Kostelac and Vatroslav Mimica, he worked at Zagreb Film, and set the foundations for the characteristic poetics of the Zagreb School of Animated Films - the reduced animation, flat characters on a decorated background, a tendency towards parody and ironical humor in so-called "great questions" (alienation, survival in contemporary world, etc.). Other classics by Vukotić include short animated films, Cowboy Jimmy (1957), Koncert za mašinsku pušku, Osvetnik (oba 1958), Krava na mjesecu and Piccolo (both 1959); beginning with his film Igra he often experimented with combining animated and feature films (most successfully in Mrlja na savjesti, 1968, and Ars gratia artis, 1970). All the above-mentioned films won the highest awards at international animation and short film festivals.
He is the author of three feature films, the allegorical Sedmi kontinent, Akcija Stadion, which depicts the famous action of an illegal movement in Zagreb, and the science-fiction Gosti iz galaksije, made in co-production with Czechoslovakia. In addition, he is one of the co-creators of characters for the famous animated TV series by Zagreb Film, Mali leteći medvjedići (1992), directed by Jean Sarault. From its opening until his retirement, Vukotić taught film directing at the department for film at the Academy of Drama Arts.

Pula ’66 - Special Jury’s Award for Talented Direction, Innovation & Technical Perfection
San Antonio ’69 - Award for Best Director
Pula ’77 - Golden arena for the screenplay (together with Slavko Goldstein)
Trieste ’81 - First special award for the director o the film Gosti iz galaksije
Bruxelles ’83 - Main award for the director
Republic award Vladimir Nazor for the lifetime achievement
AVNOJ award

Gosti iz galaksije

Year: 1981

Sedmi kontinent

Year: 1966

Akcija stadion

Year: 1977

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