Tomislav Radić director

Birth: 8. 12. 1940., Zagreb

Death: 7. 3. 2015., Zagreb

He took a degree from the University of Philosophy and Academy for Theatre, Film and Television (today Academy of Drama Arts) in Zagreb. He is a prominent theatre director, who achieved his greatest success with the play Stilske vježbe by Raymond Queneau, which has been part of the Theatre &td’s regular program since 1968. He directed many TV documentaries and TV dramas, mostly adaptations of dramatic classics (e.g. Soba za odmor based on Adam i Eva by Miroslav Krleža). His most famous feature film is his debut Živa istina (1972), documentary improvisation about an actress looking for a job, heavily influenced by Jean-Luc Godard’s work. He has been teaching acting and theatre directing at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb for many years.

Anđele moj dragi

Year: 1995

Živa istina

Year: 1972


Year: 1973


Year: 2001


Year: 1992


Year: 2011

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