Krešo Golik director

Birth: 20. 5. 1922., Fužine

Death: 20. 9. 1996., Zagreb

In 1999, the Hollywood Croatian film magazine took a survey among Croatian film critics, and in it, Krešo Golik was chosen as the best Croatian director of all time. His comedy Tko pjeva zlo ne misli(1970), was chosen as the best film. That same film has been chosen as the best in all surveys done in the last fifteen years. Unlike many other filmmakers, Golik was celebrated among critics and audiences alike. In his diverse opus, along with Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, his most famous film is the short suggestive documentary, Od 3 do 22 (1966). It portrays a woman worker, wife and mother. Also well known is the anthological TV series Gruntovčani (1975, screenplay by Mladen Kerstner), which shows the lives of the inhabitants of an imaginary village in Podravina, ingeniously blending humor and bitterness. In this series, he introduced us to the fascinating characters of Dudek, Regica, Cinober and Presvetli. In his teenage years, Krešo Golik started to work on film as an amateur in the film community Romanija (together with Nikola Tanhofer, Ivan Hetrich and brothers Neugebauer). He made his debut as a professional director with the notable short documentary Jedan brod je zaplovio (1948). Two years later, he made his first feature film, the melodrama about soccer with elements of comedy, Plavi 9. His later works are characterized with high stylization (Djevojka i hrast, Tkopjeva zlo ne misli, Vila Orhideja), but also with realistic and naturalistic portrayals of life (Od 3 do 22, Razmeđa). He achieved great success using a combination of stylized and realistic elements (Imam dvije mame i dva tate, Gruntovčani). A consistent characteristic of his opus is the lifelike portrayal of characters’ individual psyches and the social ambience, straightforward or latent existential anxiety and an inclination to study female characters. From 1979 until his retirement in 1989, he taught film directing at the Academy for theatre, film and television (today Academy of Drama Arts). He concluded his author opus with the TV series Dirigenti i mužikaši (1991). In 1997, Petar Krelja edited the monograph Golik, prepared by a group of authors.

Pula 71' - Bronze arena for direction of the film Tko pjeva zlo ne misli
Pula 78' - Bronze arena for direction of the film Ljubica
Pula 92' - Honorary Golden arena for a lifetime achievement

Djevojka i hrast

Year: 1955


Year: 1958

Plavi 9

Year: 1950

Živjeti od ljubavi

Year: 1973


Year: 1978


Year: 1973

Vila Orhideja

Year: 1988


Year: 1977

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