Mate Relja director

Birth: 29. 8. 1922., Šibenik

Relja is the author of the once very popular children’s film Vlak u snijegu (1976), an adaptation of the classic novel by Mate Lovrak. He took a degree in literature from the University of Philosophy in Zagreb, and started to act in his partisan days during WW II (he later acted in the Šibenik Town Theatre). He is the author of many documentaries (e.g. Stop, 1958; Kroz šibenske tisne kale, 1968; Bez alata nema zanata, 1980), and made his feature film debut with the exciting post-partisan action thriller Kota 905 (1960), also interesting for its attempt to neutralize the typical stereotypes of negative characters. Besides Vlak u snijegu, he is the author of another eminent children’s film, Opasni put (1963) that won an award at the Venice film festival. In the 70’s and 80’s he was the director of production, dramaturge and director of the so-called element-films (about thirty of them), which were specialized educational films done by Filmoteka 16.

Republic award Vladimir Nazor for a life time achievement (1982)

Kota 905

Year: 1960

Opasni put

Year: 1963

Vlak u snijegu

Year: 1976

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