Fadil Hadžić director

Birth: 23. 4. 1922., Bileća, Bosna i Hercegovina

Death: 3. 1. 2011., Zagreb, Hrvatska

Fadil Hadžić was one of the most important influences on Croatian culture in the second half of the 20th Century. His career highlights include: founder and leader of Duga-film (the first Croatian and Yugoslav company for the production of animated films); a founders and chief promoter of Pula Film Festival; director of the first Croatian comedy TV series, Sedma sila (1966); founder and leader of the Kerempuh’s Happy Theatre (today theatre Komedija), Satirical Theatre Jazavac (today Kerempuh), and theatre Vidra; chief editor of the famous weekly magazines Vjesnik u srijedu (VUS) and Telegram; founder and first editor of the weekly magazine Oko. He is the most prolific Croatian dramatist (particularly as an author of comedies) and film author, as well as a painter who graduated from the Academy of Art in Zagreb. He made his directing debut with the animated film Začarani dvorac u Dudincima (1952), and in 1961, he made two feature films - the documentary Zemlja sa pet kontinenata and the feature-length Abeceda straha, a thriller about an illegal action in Zagreb during WW II. As an author of feature-length films, he made two comedies - Da li je umro dobar čovjek?, and Idu dani, focusing primarily on contemporary social issues. Two of his films stand out more than others: Protest (1967), a story about a worker who faces the truth about socialist self-government and his own weaknesses, and Lov na jelene (1972), about a man who returns from abroad and is accused of a war crime by Communists because they want to get their hands on his possessions. Other important feature-length films are his war movies (Abeceda straha, Desant na Drvar, Konjuh planinom).

Pula ’67 - CIDALC award as the director of the film Protest
Pula ’79 - Golden arena as the director of the film Novinar; jury’s diploma for the dialogue

Abeceda straha

Year: 1961

Desant na Drvar

Year: 1963

Divlji anđeli

Year: 1969

Službeni položaj

Year: 1964


Year: 1984

Idu dani

Year: 1970

Konjuh planinom

Year: 1966

Lov na jelene

Year: 1972


Year: 1979

Sarajevski atentat

Year: 1968

Tri sata za ljubav

Year: 1968


Year: 1967

Doktor ludosti

Year: 2003.

Zapamtite Vukovar

Year: 2008.

Lopovi prve klase

Year: 2005

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