Srećko Weygand director

Birth: 17. 9. 1926., Lekenik

He took a degree in Yugoslav literature from the University of Philosophy in Zagreb. He worked in the film industry from the beginning of 1950s until the mid-1960s for Zora Film and Zagreb Film. He has directed about thirty documentary films, mostly instructional and commercial in nature. From the mid-1960s, he worked at Television Zagreb (today Croatian television), most of the time working as a director of educational programs. He has made several feature films for children, such as the short film Priča o dječaku i kuriru, 1957, Piko, 1959, (won an award at the Venice Film Festival), and one feature-length film, Igre na skelama (1961), dealing with characteristic problems of the younger generation.

Igre na skelama

Year: 1961

Nadopunjavanje informacija

Ukoliko primjetite netočne informacije ili pak imate ideju kako bi se ovu bilješku moglo unaprijediti, svakako nam javite.