Vladimir Fulgosi director

Birth: 12. 10. 1942., Šibenik

Fulgosi is a prominent television director and screenwriter. In the 90’s he was the editor of Documentary programming for Croatian Radiotelevision. From 1971 until the end of the 90’s, he directed and wrote about 150 documentaries for television (e.g. the series Kako živite ljudi) and 15 television films and dramas (e.g. Prah, based on Ranko Marinković’s prose, and Šjora Nikoleta, based on Vladimir Nazor’s prose). He made his feature film debut in 1977 with a short film about housing problems and children, Zašto je pile žuto, a koka nije, followed by the short documentary Tombola (1978), based on a screenplay by Miljenko Smoje, about the traditions and mentality of Dalmatian women. Another one of his more notable films is the documentary 4100 ambasadora (1979) about Sveskolski’s historic meeting in Prague in 1948, and the refutation of accusations from the Informer’s Bureau. In the 90’s his most notable work was the documentary video film Visovac (1992). His only feature film, Na istarski način, portrays the lives of people from different social backgrounds in post war Pula.

Na istarski način

Year: 1985

Nadopunjavanje informacija

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