Jakov Sedlar director

Birth: 6. 11. 1952., Split

Sedlar graduated from the University of Philosophy. He studied directing at the Academy for theatre, film and television (today Academy for Drama Arts) in Zagreb. He was a successful water polo player (in the 70’s, he was the goalkeeper of the Mladost club from Zagreb). He is the author of many documentaries, typically with themes taken from art and his cultural heritage. He made his feature film debut in 1985 with the compilation documentary Jeste li bili u Zagrebu, gospodine Lumičre?, which is his biggest creative success so far. He has made three more feature documentaries - Lijepa naša (1987), Sakralna umjetnost u Hrvata (1989), Hrvatska naivna umjetnost (1990). He is an author of extreme national and Catholic orientation, and both his feature films and documentaries are burdened by ideological rigidity and national rhetoric. Critics often, wrongfully, criticize him for a lack of elementary skills. On the other hand, his most interesting film, Ne zaboravi me/Fergismajniht (1996), a nostalgic story about two friends’ teenage days in Zagreb in the 50’s, (based on the theatre play by Nino Škrabe), ensured him a special place among the so-called cult directors. A competent producer, Sedlar often manages to engage international investors and famous actors (e.g. Martin Sheen). He also directs for theatre, and he was the director of drama for the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.


Year: 1998


Year: 1995


Year: 1999

Milost mora

Year: 2003

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