Oja (Olga Palinkaš) Kodar director

Birth: 1941., Zagreb

Oja Kodar’s (by her real name Olga Palinkaš) film career (as well as her private life) is closely connected to Orson Welles’. From the end of the 60’s until his death, she was his companion and an actress in all of his films from that period (the unfinished feature films Dubina from 1970, and Druga strana vjetra from 1972, television film Mletački trgovac from 1969, and documentary film Istine i laži from 1975). Together, they appeared as actors in Tajna Nikole Tesle (1980) by Krsto Papić. Kodar, together with Welles’s cinematographer, Gary Graver, is the owner of Welles’s films from the 70’s. She has directed two feature films: the American Jaded and Vrijeme za... made in Croatian-Italian co-production.

Vrijeme za...

Year: 1993


Year: 1989

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