Danijel Marušić director

Birth: 21. 9. 1931., Zadvarje kraj Omiša

He is the most respected television director of the 1970s, and is most famous for his TV series Naše malo misto (1970), based on the screenplay by Miljenko Smoje. It is considered the best Croatian TV series of all time, along with two other series, Kuda idu divlje svinje (1971) by Ivan Hetrich and Ivo Štivičic, and Gruntovčani (1976) by Krešo Golik and Mladen Kerstner. In the 1970s, based on the screenplay by Mirko Božić, Marušić directed the popular TV series Čovik i po (1974). At the end of the 1980s, he made the TV series Ptice nebeske (1989), based on Ivo Brešan’s screenplay. At the beginning of 1990s, he exchanged his inclination towards humoristic projects for pompous, nationally engaged topics. At that time, he made the TV documentary feature film Papa Sixto V (1992), from his cycle devoted to famous Croatians, and the high-budget historical melodramatic TV series Olujne tišine (1997), regarded by many as being the greatest fiasco in the history of Croatian television. His only feature-length film is Servantes iz Malog Mista, in which he returned to the characters from the TV series Naše malo misto.