Zvonimir Berković director

Birth: 1. 8. 1928., Beograd

Death: 9. 6 .2009., Zagreb

Berković is the author of the film Rondo, one of the key films of the so-called auteur cinema of Croatia and Yugoslavia. He studied the violin at the conservatory and film directing at the Theatre Academy in Zagreb (today, the Academy of Drama Arts). He began working in film in the mid 1950s as a screenwriter, and his most famous script, written together with Tomislav Butorac, was for the film H-8 (1958) by Nikola Tanhofer. He made his directing debut in 1962 with the documentary Moj stan, an ironical depiction of the cramped life in suburban neighborhoods, which won an award in Cannes. He made his feature-length debut in 1966 with the film Rondo, a subtle psychological study of an unusual love triangle. Similarly in nature but less successful were his later films Kontesa Dora (1993), a biography of the famous Croatian composer, a sweeping depiction of certain aspects Croatian cultural history at the end of the 19th century, (this was particularly emphasized in the TV series). During 1990s, he attracted attention with his humorous and ironic political-cultural column, Zvonar katedrale duha, written for Globus magazine,(the columns were later published as a book). For many years, he has been teaching dramaturgy at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb.

Pula 58' - Golden Arena Plaque for screenplay (co-screenwriter Tomislav Butorac)
Pula 66' - Golden Arena for screenplay (together with Simon Drakula for the film Do pobede i dalje)
Pula 93' - Golden Arena for screenplay 

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