Branko Marjanović director

Birth: 12. 5. 1909., Zagreb

Death: 13. 2. 1996., Zagreb

He was the author of a renowned opus of documentary films that includes outstanding films about nature (e.g. Posljednji zavičaj, Bjeloglavi sup, both 1959; Priča o glavatici, 1960; Lasica, 1962; Svizac, 1966; Puh, 1977; Priča o gatalinki, 1980), and a popular series of documentaries Mala čuda velike prirode (1971-1974). He was Milan Marjanović’s son, who was one of the most prominent cultural workers of Yugoslavia (among other things, he was the art director of film production in the School of National Health). Branko Marjanović worked as a director, screenplay writer, and editor. During WW II, he worked in Hrvatski slikopis, film company of the Independent State of Croatia. He was also one of the most prominent authors to have made a documentary and advertising film, Straža na Drini, (1942), which won an award at the Venice Film Festival. He was the producer and editor of the only feature film made in the time of Independent State of Croatia, Lisinski (1944), directed by Oktavijan Miletić. During the war, Marjanović was connected to the partisan movement and after Communists came to power, he directed the second post-war Croatian feature film Zastava (1949), (the first, Živjeće ovaj narod from 1947, was directed by the guest-director from Serbia, Nikola Popović). After the censored social-political satire, Ciguli miguli (1952, first publicly screened in 1977) and the weak partisan film, Opsada (1956), he stopped directing feature films.

Republic award Vladimir Nazor fo a lifetime achievement (1970)


Year: 1956


Year: 1949

Ciguli Miguli

Year: 1952

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