Marijan Vajda director

Birth: Zagreb, 1920.

Vajda took a degree in law from the University of Law in Zagreb. He worked on film from 1949 as a cinematographer, and from 1951 as a director. He directed about 70 short films, mostly advertising, among which those of tourist and ethnography themes stand out. His most notable documentary is the film Radovanov portal (1955) about the famous sculptor, as well as the natural science films Jugo and Zelene nedjelje (1959). He directed three low-budget comedy feature films, two in Serbian (Zajednički stan, Izbiračica), and one in Croatian production (Šeki snima - pazi se!), starring the famous Serbian soccer player Dragoslav Šekularac Šeki. The latter’s flop resulted in Vajda’s expulsion from the Serbian film Artists’ Association. Beginning in 1963, he worked abroad.

Zajednički stan

Year: 1960


Year: 1961

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