Branko Belan director

Birth: 15. 9. 1912., Postire na Braču

Death: 29. 4. 1986., Zagreb

Belan, a graduate of law, writer of several novels and a collection of stories (mostly SF), is the author of the film Koncert, which is, according to critics, one of the best Croatia feature films of all time. He began his career as a documentarist (Tunolovci from 1948), and made his directing debut in 1954 with the feature film Koncert, a complex melodrama portraying the life of an unhappy heroine. At the same time, this film is a historical panorama (of Zagreb) from the time of the Austro-Hapsburg monarchy, through the so-called old Yugoslavia, the Independent State of Croatia, all the way to 1945 and the Communist regime. The narrative complexity of the film’s postmodernist structure and the uncompromisingly pessimistic ending, led to the film being misunderstood by critics, as well as some political problems. Therefore, since Koncert, he has made only one other feature film, the heavily censored war thriller Pod sumnjom (1956), realized in Bosnian and Herzegovinian production. From 1970 until 1979, he taught editing theory at the Academy of theatre, film and television in Zagreb (today Academy of Drama Arts). He published three books with film topics - Scenarij što i kako (1960), Sjaj i bijeda filma (1966), Sintaksa i poetika filma (teorija montaže) (1980).

Pod sumnjom

Year: 1956


Year: 1954