Zvonimir Maycug director

Birth: 1959., Zagreb

Forever in love with eroticism and the treatment of human sexuality on film, Zvonimir Maycug is famous for authoring the first -- for a long time the only - Croatian/Yugoslavian hardcore pornography film, Oaza (1984). Because pornography was illegal in communist Yugoslavia, this film was destroyed. Four years later, Maycug shot a new version of the same film, distributing it successfully on video. Besides Oaza, he directed two more films; the rural drama made according to the exploitative formula of Sex & Violence, Ja sam tvoj bog, starring the popular Serbian actress Ružica Sokić (it was never distributed in theatres), and the independently produced ultra low-budget erotic melodrama Kalvarija. The official elector, Mato Kukuljica, who claimed that the film did not satisfy technical conditions, refused to accept this second film in the Pula Film Festival. It was eventually distributed on video.


Year: 1988

Ja sam tvoj Bog

Year: 1983


Year: 1996

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