Nikola Babić director

Birth: 11. 6. 1935., Paprati kod Stolca, Bosna i Hercegovina

Death: 10. 8. 2015., Zagreb, Hrvatska

He is one of the most prominent Croatian documentarists, sometimes inclined to experimental filmmaking. He graduated from the University of Philosophy in Zagreb, and made his directing debut in 1969 with the short documentary Nova Jugoslavija. His latest film is the controversial political documentary Bruno Bušić (1992), in which he used research about the murderers of a famous political emigrant, to get even with certain figures in contemporary Croatian political life. His documentary opus can be divided into three groups: those devoted to expressing human nature through play (e.g. Mur bur, 1969; Vox Populi, Šije, both 1970), those about former members of militaries (e.g. Bino, oko galebovo, 1973, a censored film about a former partisan), and finally those about human persistence and achievements (e.g. Jači od mora, 1975). He is the author of two feature-length films: Ludi dani, a harsh story about people from the Dalmatian inlands working abroad, and Medeni mjesec, a criminal drama with elements of soft porn.

Annual award Vladimir Nazor for a documentray film (1971)
Pula 77' - Film critics' award for the film Ludi dani (together with Goran Marković for the film Specijalno vaspitanje)

Ludi dani

Year: 1977

Medeni mjesec

Year: 1983

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