Ludi dani film

Production year: 1977

Duration: 93 minute; 102 minute (različiti izvori)

Technique: 35mm widescreen, color


Babić, Nikola

Production house:
Jadran film
Croatia film

Pivčević Andrija

Jure, Šimun, Joso, Mate and other guest workers arrive to their hometown in the Dalmatian inlands. They brag about their newly acquired wealth and almost never leave the local bar. Only Šimun, who has spent fifteen years working in Germany but never earned enough money, keeps to the side. Soon Jure gets so annoyed at Šimun while playing cards, that he challenges him to a duel: whoever earned less money will have to strip before the whole village. Simun seems to be the loser, but soon everyone finds out that his mattress is full of German marks. Jure is ashamed, but soon finds out that his neighbor Joso helped Šimun in this little fraud…

Zvonko Lepetić (Jure), Ilija Ivezić (Joso Mačković), Spaso Papac (Klempo), Perica Martinović, Božidar Boban, Niko Pavlović, Hermina Pipinić, Marija Sekelez i dr.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Nikola Babić

Music by:
Brane Živković

Edited by:
Boris Erdelji, Martin Tomić

Set designer:
Nikola Vujasinović, Slavko Zidanić

Costume designer:

This originally short film, which was later made longer brings great portrayal of the Dalmatian ambient, great performances by several actors (especially Lepetić and Ivezić Lepetićwon the Silver Arena in Pula). The film radiates with an impressive energy, which was rather rare in Croatian film of the 1970s.

Other awards: Pula 1977 - Film Critics’ award for the best director (together with Specijalno vaspitanje)

Niš 1977 - Special diploma for the best male actor to Zvonko Lepetić

Diploma for the best male actor to Zvonko Lepetić (together with Akcija stadion)

Screening permit: from july 8, 1977

Export: DR Germany, Romania, Lebanon, Israel, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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