Deps film

Production year: 1974

Duration: 94 minute

Technique: color


Vrdoljak, Antun

Production house:
Jadran film

Orešković Vjenceslav

Late one night, a 36-year-old criminal called Deps is seen entering Zagreb in his van. The police follow him everywhere because he is a recidivist who has been convicted 12 times and has spent 15 years in prison. A few weeks ago, there was a big bank robbery and the thief left no leads for the police to follow. However, the audacious manner of the robbery and the photo-robot all seem to point to Deps as being the guilty party. On the other hand, during a police identification line up the witness does not recognize Deps as the robber. With resignation, Deps accepts a job as a truck driver and sets off on the road with a girl he recently met…

Bekim Fehmiu (Deps), Milena Dravić (Deps’s girlfriend), Fabijan Šovagović, Relja Bašić, Zvonko Lepetić, Mato Ergović, Zdenka Heršak, Krešimir Zidarić

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic Croatia)

Antun Vrdoljak

Music by:
Alfi Kabiljo

Edited by:
Radojka Tanhofer

Set designer:
Željko Senečić

Costume designer:

Antun Vrdoljak tried to make a film about a rough but kind-hearted criminal, which is reminiscent of French poetic realism. However, this humorous and happy-ending film’s biggest virtue is the acting duet of Bekim Fehmiu and Milena Dravić, who are convincing in even less inspiring roles than these. This film deals with a rare theme in Croatian films - a man on the other side of the law whose social integration is aggravated by the pressures of society itself. However, almost ten years earlier Serbian director Živojin Pavlović dealt with the same theme in a much more creative manner in his film Povratak (not to be confused with the homonymous film by Vrdoljak from 1979).

Awards: Pula 1974 - Golden Arena to Milena Dravić

Screening permit: from March 26, 1974

Note: The Catalogue of Yugoslav film mentions also Croatia film as a production house.

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