Prijeki sud film

Production year: 1978

Duration: 90 minuta

Technique: 35 mm widescreen, color


Ivanda, Branko

Production house:
Zagreb Film
Morava film

Rajković Ivica

Before the capitulation of Italy a respected lawyer from a bourgeois family becomes involved in a phantom process. The Italian government brings the lawyer and his son to a fort where they are left at the mercy of a dictatorial commander who orders the lawyer to reconstruct a process for thirty nameless people that never really took place.

Pero Kvrgić, Žarko Potočnjak, Vlatko Dulić, Tanja Knezić, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia/ Socialist Republic of Serbia)

Živko Jeličić, Branko Ivanda (based on Živko Jeličić’s novel Crazy Moon)

Music by:

Edited by:
Živka Toplak

Set designer:
Željko Senečić

Costume designer:

This is a pretentious film with some fantastic motifs and it leans heavily on metaphors involving social critiques and pathetic psychology. This was often the case in films produced by Television Zagreb and Branko Ivanda was often hired as a director of such works. Tanja Knezić won the Golden arena as Best actress in Pula

Other awards: Niš 79' - Večernje novosti to Sanja Vejnović as best non-professional actor (together with the role in Živi bili pa vidjeli)

Screening permit: from December 13, 1978

Izvoz: Poland, Australia

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