Hitler iz našeg sokaka film

Production year: 1975

Duration: 94 minute

Technique: color


Tadej, Vladimir

Production house:
Jadran film
Croatia film

Jovičić Nenad

Before and during WW II and the German occupation of Serbia, in a village in Vojvodina, inhabitants are separated based on their nationality. Local Volksdeutschers (ethnic Germans) enlist with the Nazi occupiers. The village bum, Leksi, jumps at the opportunity to put on a uniform and parade around with a gun. Leksi gets into an argument with villagers Marko and Joca, who devise a plan to get rid of him. At the same time, Marko tries to seduce Leksi’s wife, Anika...

Nikola Simić (Leksi), Boris Dvornik (Marko), Ružica Sokić (Anika), Dušan Bulajić, Zvonko Lepetić (Žare), Slavko Simić, Ivan Hajtl, Mato Ergović, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Zoran Petrović, Vladimir Tadej

Music by:
Živan Cvitković

Edited by:
Blaženka Jenčić

Set designer:
Miomir Denić

Costume designer:

This film is an awkward combination of ideological stereotypes (treacherous and/or arrogant Germans, good Croatians and Serbs) and a certain distance from such stereotypes (the motif of friendship between a German and a Gypsy boy, as well as the, accidentally or not, unpleasant and annoying characterization of Marko). Hitler From Our Street was very popular at the time of its creation, even though it is, basically, an awkwardly realized film. Its awkwardness is enhanced further by the unnecessary use of zoom shots, which cause an intriguing but ungainly atmosphere. Especially interesting is the ending scene showing the massacre of a group of dancing villagers, in which a celebration of the “unbreakable spirit of the people” turns into a horrific dance macabre.

Awards: Pula 1975 - Silver Arena for Best Director, Silver Arena for Best Male Actor Nikola Simić, Jury’s diploma to Ivan Hajtl
              Niš 1975 - Grand prix Ćele Kula to Nikola Simić (together with Bekim Fehmiu in Pavle Pavlović)

Screening permit: January 8, 1975

Note: Filmography of Yugoslav film 1971 - 1975 cites only Jadran film as a production house

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