Bruno Gamulin director

Birth: 24. 8. 1947., Zagreb

Bruno Gamulin, son of the famous art historian Grgo Gamulin, took a degree in art history and philosophy at the University of Philosophy, as well as a degree in directing from the Academy of theatre, film and television (Academy of Drama Arts) in Zagreb. He is the author of many short, mostly documentary films (e.g. Posvećenje mjesta, 1989), and a few feature films. One of his most popular feature films is Živi bili pa vidjeli (1979), his debut done in collaboration with Milivoj Puhlovski. It is the story of a young married couple facing the cruel realities of socialist society. However, his most successful film is Sedma kronika (1996), about political suffering in socialist Yugoslavia, based on his father’s novel. His film Polagana predaja won the Great Golden Arena at the Pula Film Festival.

Pula ’79 - Diploma for the complete quality debut film Živi bili pa vidjeli (with M. Puhlovski); magazine Zum’s award for the director (with M. Puhlovski)

Polagana predaja

Year: 2001

Sedma kronika

Year: 1996

Ljeto za sjećanje

Year: 1990

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