Haloa - praznik kurvi film

Production year: 1988

Duration: 2 778 metara

Technique: color


Zafranović, Lordan

Production house:
Radiotelevizija Zagreb
Jadran film

Pivčević Andrija

A married couple from Germany, middle-aged Manfred and his much younger wife Meyra, who are originally from Zagreb, spend their vacation on the island Hvar. They are staying at Ms. Marija’s house. Ms. Marija’s son and Meyra feel an erotic attraction to each other. After some time, a tension develops between the young man, Meyra and Manfred. Nobody knows Meyra’s secret, or her true reason for coming to Hvar…

Ranko Zidarić (young man), Neda Arnerić (Meyra), Stevo Žigon (Manfred), Dušica Žegarac (young man’s mother Marija)

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Veljko Barbieri (based on his novel Zatvor od oleandrovog lišća), Lordan Zafranović

Music by:
Igor Savin

Edited by:
Andrija Zafranović

Set designer:
Ivica Šporčić

Costume designer:

Even though this film does not have a sufficiently elaborated narration or characterization, and suffers from pretentious metaphysical and eschatological digressions, it is, at the same time, characterized by a highly esthetic style, a series of relatively provocative erotic scenes, and interesting questions regarding eros and thanatos, which are all typical of Zafranovic. The basic situation of the love triangle in which a young man stirs up discontent in the marriage of an older man and his young wife is similar to that in Roman Polanski’s film Noža u vodi Romana Polanskog.

Awards: Pula 1988 - Golden Arena for Best Female Actress to Neda Arnerić

Screening permit: from June 30, 1988

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