Čovjek koji je volio sprovode film

Production year: 1989

Duration: 85 minuta

Technique: color


Tadić, Zoran

Production house:
Radiotelevizija Zagreb
Marjan film

Trbuljak Goran

Filip lives in the small town of Samobor, which is near Zagreb. He works in the local library as a librarian. Even though he moved to the small town many years ago, he still misses the bustle of life in Zagreb. However, his boring routine is interrupted by the arrival of a new library manager, the pretty Elza. Soon, however, a series of strange deaths happen…

Ivica Vidović, Gordana Gadžić, Rade Šerbedžija, Vlatko Dulić, Božidarka Frait, Fabijan Šovagović, Zvonimir Torjanec, Toso Jelic, Tomislav Gotovac, etc.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Dubravko Jelačić-Bužimski

Music by:
Branislav Živković

Edited by:
Vesna Kreber

Set designer:
Želimir Zagotta

Costume designer:
Lada Gamulin

This is the only film that the director Zoran Tadić made without his long-term partner, the screenwriter Pavao Pavličić. Čovjek koji je volio sprovode is unique for its love story, which evolves within the main plot of a crime story. The motif of romance is a rarity in Tadić’s opus. In his other films, love stories always seem to have evolved long before the story takes place. His characters, if involved in a relationship, are typically married couples. Tadić’s consistently confident directing style, along with a cast of expressive actors, place this film in the top tier of the director’s opus. At the Pula Film Festival, Čovjek koji je volio sprovode won the Golden Arena for the best supporting male actor (Fabijan Šovagović).

Other awards: Pula 1989 - Special Golden Arena for sound posthumous to Mladen Prebil (together with the film Donator)

Screening permit: from February 21, 1989

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