Nausikaja film

Production year: 1995

Duration: 111 minuta

Technique: color


Ruić, Vicko

Production house:
RZF Nausikaja

Vrdoljak Vjekoslav

In Zagreb during 1939, Matija Remenar studies at a private acting school and rents a room from the middle-aged Ms Šlajner. The previous three occupants of his room hanged themselves. Inspector Stevović is investigating the three deaths. His only clue is an unusual spider that was found on all three bodies. Matija helps the inspector, while Ms Šlajner displays an erotic interest in the young man. Matija is attracted to a mysterious girl who appears in the window of the house across the street. He calls her Nausikaja...

Igor Serdar (Matija Remetin), Nada Gaćešić Livaković (Marija Šlajner), Maja Nekić (Nausikaja), Mustafa Nadarević (police inspector Stevović), Neven Čorak (athlete), Pero Kvrgić (professor of acting), Boris Dvornik, Tomislav Martić, Matko Raguž, Slavko Juraga, Mario Mirković, Suzi Josipović, etc.

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Vicko Ruić

Music by:
Zrinko Tutić

Edited by:
Dubravka Premar

Set designer:

Costume designer:

Nausikaja is the first independently produced film made in the Republic of Croatia (producers Vicko Ruić and Željko Vukmirica put a mortgage on their own houses in order to get the financial resources for the film). Ruic envisioned this film as an art piece with a unique esthetic style emphasizing symbolism and contemplative suggestion. While it is an esthetically interesting film, the use of allegory and symbolism only made this film seem overly pretentious. It was shown in many smaller international film festivals. In Pula, it won the Golden Arenas for the best cinematographer and set designer.

Other awards: Pula 1996 - Kodak award for the cinematographer Vjekoslav Vrdoljak (together with Enes Midžic for Sedma kronika)

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