Nebo, sateliti film

Production year: 2000

Duration: 85 minuta

Technique: 35mm Kodak, color


Nola, Lukas

Production house:
Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Ban film

Šuvak Darko

The story takes place during the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During an exchange of prisoners, one of the prisoners with amnesia, Jakov Ribar, separates from his group and wanders off to a forest through a minefield. This unusual man full of kindness and innocence begins his journey through the horrors of war with a goal to help people. First he meets an isolated Croatian soldier Johnny, then Lucija, a teacher in an orphanage and home for mental patients, and then a commander who has returned to Croatia from the Foreign Legion. On his journey, Jakov participates in an air battle, encounters a group of prisoners kept by a Yugoslav army major and finally disappears in the endless armbands of the river Neretva...

Filip Nola (Jakov Ribar), Barbara Nola (Lucija), Filip Šovagović (major Uzelac), Rene Bitorajac (commander), Leon Lučev (Johnny), Ivo Gregurević (Škaričić), Goran Grgić (Senna), Lucija Šerbedžija (Iva), Leona Paraminski (Jelena), Predrag Vušović (Hans), Ksenija Marinković Ugrina (Mrvica), Igor Mešin (Rudi)

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Lukas Nola

Music by:
skupina Legen

Edited by:
Slaven Zečević

Set designer:
Velimir Domitrović

Costume designer:
Ksenija Jeričević

Lukas Nola made this art film under the influences of Andrej Tarkovski, Vatroslav Mimica and Francis Ford Coppola (Apocalypse now). This film is characterized by a distinct expressiveness of visual and sound elements. It is, overall, a peculiar atmosphere thanks to the fascinating ambiance of the Neretva River. Nola’s main character is a Messiah-like prisoner with apparent Biblical associations. The film won Golden Arenas for Best Director and Photography, as well as the Oktavijan, Croatian Film Critics’ Association’s award.

Other awards: AFI Fest (Los Angeles) 2001. - Award for the camera; Mannheim-Heidelberg 2001. - Special jury’s award to Lukas Nola

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