Lukas Nola director

Birth: 31. 3. 1964., Zagreb

Nola studied film and television direction at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb. Beginning in his student years, he drew attention to himself with his film Dok nitko ne gleda. The postmodernist approach to the genre (a combination of thriller, melodrama and comedy), energetic direction and lively characters vaulted him into the position of one of the most eminent representatives of the so-called Young Croatian film. He showed his talent in his next film, Svaki put kad se rastajemo, which was made for television. This is a more emotional story about a soldier who, during the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s, looks for shelter for his little daughter. A delicate atmosphere and the director’s peculiar interest in picturesque personalities characterize the film. His next film, the first one distributed in theatres, was Rusko meso (1997), a thriller, taking place in a bordello, with intellectual references to Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino. There followed a turning point, when he made the art film Nebo, sateliti (2000), inspired by modernist authors such as Vatroslav Mimica, Andrej Tarkovski, and films like Apocalypse Now. The setting of the film is the Croatian War of Independence in the 90’s. It is extremely metaphysical. His next film was the pretentious artistic post nuclear erotic drama, Sami (2001). Nevertheless, Nola, the eminent representative of contemporary Croatian directors, is an outstanding visual stylist, prone to thematic and especially erotic provocations.

Pula 95' - Golden arena for the screenplay of the film Svaki put kad se rastajemo
Pula 2000' - Golden arena for the director of the film Nebo, sateliti
Pula 2001' - Special Golden arena for the director of the film Sami

Rusko meso

Year: 1997


Year: 2001

Nebo, sateliti

Year: 2000


Year: 2013.

Pravo čudo

Year: 2007.

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