Martin u oblacima film

Production year: 1961

Duration: oko 107 minuta

Technique: 35mm widescreen, black and white


Bauer, Branko

Production house:
Jadran film

Blažina Branko

A young couple of students, Martin and Zorica, live separately in their rented apartments. Their biggest wish is to buy their own apartment where they can live together. While his landlord is away, Martin sublets his apartment to an Italian Carmine and his daughter in order to earn some money. With his uncle’s help he finds a "connection" that could enable him to buy his own apartment. However, his "connection" is in fact a con artist who just wants to steal Martin’s money…

Boris Dvornik (Martin Barić), Ljubica Jović (Zorica), Joža Šveb (Vjenceslav Barić), Antun Nalis (Carmine), Ljerka Prekratić (Marcella), Braco Reiss (Robert Eugen Mrazek called Kliker), Lila Andres (Solarica), Nela Eržišnik (betrayed wife), Rikard Simonelli (Darko), Vera Misita (Darko’s acquaintance), Fahro Konjhodžić (Hrvoje), Josip Marotti (designer), Sandra Fideršeg (major-domo), Durđica Dević (Zorica’s landlady), Tihomir Polanec (Hrvoje’s colleague), Zlatko Crnković (inspektor) and others.

Country of production:
Federative National Republic of Yugoslavia (National Republic of Croatia)

Fedor Vidas (screenplay adapted by: Branko Bauer, Krešo Golik, Vladimir Koch)

Music by:
Aleksandar Bubanović

Edited by:
Blaženka Jenčik

Set designer:
Vladimir Tadej

Costume designer:
Marko Gerovac

This was the last film in the golden period of Bauer’s film opus. Martin u oblacima has a well developed narrative, characters and dramaturgy and successfully joins social melodrama with comedy. Bauer’s great feeling for ambience and profiling colorful characters reaches its peak in this film. The actors are all outstanding as well. This film was very popular at the time of its premiere. In Zagreb alone, more than 100 000 people saw this film.

Screening permit: from March 25, 1961

Export: Poland, USA, Czechoslovakia, Socialist Republic of Germany, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Venezuela

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