Hoja! Lero! film

Production year: 1952

Duration: oko 107 minuta

Technique: 35mm standard, black & white


Afrić, Vjekoslav

Production house:
Avala film

Karanović Vuko

The council of old Slavs made an unjust decision to give a young girl, Viljenka, to the warrior Kohan. In his next encounter with the enemy, Viljenka’s lover Dalibor decides to show his courage in order to persuade the council to change their decision and give the girl to him.

Dorotea Matulić (Viljenka), Joža Gregorin, Marijan Lovrić, Jozo Laurenčić, Dejan Dubajić, Mato Grković, Braslav Borozan i dr.

Country of production:
Federative National Republic of Yugoslavia (National Republic of Serbia)

Vjekoslav Afrić

Music by:
Krešimir Baranović

Edited by:
Maja Ribar

Set designer:
Anton Žunić

Costume designer:

This is one of the first Yugoslav films of the history genre, which both the critics and the audience did not like at all. Ivo Škrabalo, a historian of Croatian film, described Hoja! Lero! as a pretentious and dilettantish film. The director, Vjekoslav Afrić, otherwise a respected author, stopped directing films after this debacle.

Screening permit: from February 19, 1952