Godišnja doba film

Production year: 1979

Duration: 88 minuta

Technique: color


Krelja, Petar

Production house:
Zagreb Film

Rajković Ivica
Verzotti Ante

The film is an omnibus consisting of three stories - Usvojenje, Ferije and Probni rok. We follow fragments of the lives of young girls from a social institution for children and young adults without parents. In the first story, a wealthy young couple wants to adopt a five-year-old girl, Zeljka. The emotionally undeveloped child has a hard time adapting to her new environment. In Ferije, fifteen-year-old Visnja spends her winter holidays in a gloomy home for young delinquents, where she experiences her first romance. The heroine of the third story is nineteen-year-old Branka who, after her graduation, tries to find a job and become independent from the social institutions she has lived in her entire life…

Slavko Štimac, Tatjana Ivko, Marin Nemet, Rajka Rusan, Boris Buzančić, Sanda Langerholz, Vanja Drach, Zvonimir Torjanec

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Petar Krelja

Music by:
Arsen Dedić

Edited by:
Vesna Kreber

Set designer:

Costume designer:

This first feature film by Petar Krelja has sort of a cult status in Croatian cinema. The film historian, Ivo Škrabalo, concluded that Krelja has, by continuing his earlier "documentary questioning of everyday life … created three brilliant portraits of orphaned children in different phases of their lives. He remained a self-defying observer of human destinies, who in his, at a first sight, stingy picture, manages to be realistic without being obtrusive, exciting without dramatizing, emotionally engaged without taking sides. He always manages to draw attention to the smallest traces of human kindness without being pathetic".

Screening permit: from June 26, 1979

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