Kronika jednog zločina film

Production year: 1973

Duration: oko 90 minuta

Technique: color


Zafranović, Lordan

Production house:
Filmski autorski studio (FAS)

Popović Predrag - Pega
Verzotti Ante

This is an omnibus consisting of three stories, all of which deal with deviations of the human psyche. In the story Waltz, we learn about the first sexual experiences of a man who attends a dancing school in Split. In the story Ave Maria, a cruel crime destroys a pastoral idyll, and in the story Seas, we meet a family, living on an isolated island, that goes through an existential crisis ending in murder.

Božidar Jelenić, Hermina Pipinić, Kaja Cvijić, Jakša Mlačić, Jadranka Vuček

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Lordan Zafranović

Music by:
Alfi Kabiljo

Edited by:
Josip Remenar

Set designer:
Dušan Jeričević

Costume designer:

This film is a combination of three previously separate shorter films Valcer/Moj prvi ples (1970), Ave Marija/Moje prvo pijanstvo (1971) and Mora (1972). The first film distinguishes itself by its predominantly grotesque poetics and the author’s cynicism; the second is a combination poetic and grotesque-morbid elements, with intermittent elements of structuralism; the third one cobbles together an anxious atmosphere via a structuralistic approach. All three of these films were made in the Film Author Studio of Zagreb. Adria Film of Zagreb initiated their compilation. Kronika jednog zločina won an award at the film festival in Chicago.

Other awards: Pula 1973 - Diploma to Lordan Zafranović for “an inspired investigation of innovation in filmmaking”, Mladost magazine award to Lordan Zafranović

Screening permit: January 15, 1973**

** Filmography of Yugoslav film from 1971 to 1975 cites that the shorter version, registered by the producer Adria Film, received its screening permit on December 23, 1973

Note: Filmography of Yugoslav film from 1971 to 1975 cites only FAS as a production house; Catalogue of Yugoslav film, rather than Adria Film, cites Dalmacija Film

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