Hranjenik film

Production year: 1970

Duration: 88 minuta

Technique: color


Mimica, Vatroslav

Production house:
Jadran film

Vodopivec Frano

A group of prisoners in a concentration camp plot against the tyrannical capo, Gusti. They decide to give all their meals to the strongest among them to make him powerful enough to eliminate the bullying Gusti. But, there is an unexpected turn of events…

Fabijan Šovagović, Kole Angelovski, Zvonimir Črnko, Kruno Valentić, Edo Peročević, Boris Festini, Ilija Ivezić, Giuseppe Addobbati

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Milan Grgić (based on his play)

Music by:
Živan Cvitković

Edited by:
Katja Majer

Set designer:
Željko Senečić

Costume designer:

The Fed One once again displayed Mimica’s preoccupations with war themes and universal questions about human nature and civilization. He dealt with those topics in this provocative story about a group of prisoners who although not subjected to physical violence, suffer from sophisticated psychological tortures. Instead of hard labor, they mostly spend their time in contemplation. The film is a combination of naturalism and metaphor burdened with pretentious symbolism, unraveling “great truths”. Overall, Mimica’s direction seems surprisingly lukewarm.

Screening permit: July 10, 1970

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