Oktavijan Miletić director

Birth: 1. 10. 1902., Zagreb

Death: 17. 8. 1987., Zagreb

Miletić was the first famous and consistent Croatian film author, a pioneer and doyen of Croatian (and Yugoslav) cinematography, and an outstanding cinematographer. He was born in Zagreb to a wealthy and respectable family - his father, Stjepan Miletić, was a doctor of philosophy and a famous theatre manager who radically improved theatre life in Zagreb. Oktavijan Miletić was attracted to film from his early years. In 1926, he bought a Pathé film camera and started to make short amateur films, which won international awards. An inclination toward parody (especially parodies of expressionist films, horrors and thrillers), experimentation and a unique visual style (e.g. Nažalost samo san, Amadeus Nicknagel, both 1932; Poslovi konzula Dorgena, 1933; Zagreb u svjetlu velegrada, Faust, both 1934; Nocturno, 1935) characterize his films. Early on, he started to work in film professionally and made many commercial, educational, and travel films, as well as his author film Šešir (1937), influenced by René Clair. During WWII, in the time of the Independent State of Croatia, he worked for the state-owned company Hrvatski slikopis, where he made the first Croatian feature film, Lisinski (1944). It is a biography of the composer of the first Croatian opera. Afterwards, he made the documentary feature film Barok u Hrvatskoj (1942). After the war, he worked mostly as a cinematographer, shooting both in color and in black and white (e.g. Živjeće ovaj narod, 1947, by Nikola Popović, Koncert, 1954, by Branko Belan, Carevo novo ruho, 1961, by Ante Babaja). He made several more documentaries, such as Juraj Dalmatinac (1977) and Talijin trag (1978), as well as the short feature film Profesor Budalastov (1948, co-director with Branko Marjanović). As a cinematographer he collaborated with Dušan Makavejev on his short documentaries Boje sanjaju, Košnice/Slikovnica pčelara/Košnice pune smijeha (both 1958), and with Vatroslav Mimica on his short feature film Ženidba gospodina Marcipana (1963). He taught cinematography at the Academy in Zagreb as well as making and hosting TV shows about film for Television Zagreb. In 2000, Dr Ante Peterlic and the late Vjekoslav Majcen published a monography about Miletic.

Republic award Vladimir Nazor for the lifetime achievement (1968)


Year: 1944

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