Događaj film

Production year: 1969

Duration: 88 minuta

Technique: color


Mimica, Vatroslav

Production house:
Jadran film

Vodopivec Frano

A grandfather and his grandson go to a fair to sell a horse. A ranger and his vicious partner, Matijević, follow them as they return home in order to rob them. The confrontation takes place in the forest…

Pavle Vuisić (grandfather), Srđan Mimica (grandson), Boris Dvornik (ranger), Fabijan Šovagović (Matijević), Neda Spasojević (ranger’s wife), Marina Nemet (ranger’s daughter), Fahro Konjhodžić (ferryman)

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Croatia)

Željko Senečić, Vatroslav Mimica, Kruno Quien (based on motives of the short story by Anton Pavlov Chekhov)

Music by:

Edited by:
Katja Majer

Set designer:
Željko Senečić

Costume designer:
Marko Cerovac

In his second feature film, Događaj, Mimica continued to deal with the theme of (irrational) evil, which he began in his previous one, Kaja, ubit ću te!. This time he set the story in the pastoral region of continental Croatia. Nevertheless, Događaj represents a poetic relaxation in relation to his previous modernist trilogy Prometej s otoka Viševice, Ponedjeljak ili utorak, Kaja, ubit ću te!, as well as a return to standard narration. The naturalist texture is garnished with grotesque and morbid elements and genre characteristics of thrillers and horrors (the anthological sequence of child’s play in the “cursed cottage’s” attic as the overture to the final slaughter). Although Mimica already suggested some of these elements in his previous film, Kaja, ubit ću te!, Događaj, a film of extremely powerful intonation and atmosphere, it doesn’t really have a predecessor in Croatian cinema. Its only conceivable predecessor might be Nikola Tanhofer’s debut feature film Nije bilo uzalud (1957).

Awards: Pula 1969 - Big Silver Arena, Silver Arena for direction, Golden Arena for cinematography to Frane Vodopivec (together with Kad cujes zvona)
               Nis 1979 - Carica Teodora, 1st prize for the best male actor to Pavle Vuisic
               Diploma to Fabijan Sovagovic and Neda Spasojevic Screening permit: from July 15, 1969

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