Ne okreći se sine film

Production year: 1956

Duration: 105 minuta

Technique: 35mm standard, black and white


Bauer, Branko

Production house:
Jadran film

Blažina Branko

Engineer and leftist illegal Neven Novak runs away from a train in which Ustashas transport their prisoners to the prison camp Jasenovac. He returns to Zagreb and tries to save his son Zoran from an orphanage. During his stay in the orphanage, Zoran was indoctrinated with fascist ideology. When he realizes that his father is an enemy of the regime, he refuses to escape with Zoran to the Partisans’ territory. Novak faces his son’s antagonism and the police that chase after them…

Bert Solar (Neven Novak), Zlatko Lukman (Zoran Novak), Lila Andres (Vera), Mladen Hanzlovsky (Ivica Dobrić), Radojko Ježić (Leo), Stjepan Jurčević (Ivica’s father otac), Greta Kraus-Aranicki (Ivica’s mother), Zlatko Madunić (agent), Tihomir Polanec (shoe cleaner), Nikša Štefanini (chief of the Ustasha police), Vlado Bačić (caretaker), Marija Merlić (Paola), Viki Glovacki (doorkeeper), Branko Špoljar (Brkić), etc.

Country of production:
Federative National Republic of Yugoslavia (National Republic of Croatia)

Branko Bauer, Arsen Diklić (based on Branko Bauer’s idea)

Music by:
Bojan Adamič

Edited by:
Boris Tešija

Set designer:
Željko Zagotta

Costume designer:
Tea Štefančić

Ne okreći se sine is the most famous, possibly the best, and certainly the most emotional film by the director Branko Bauer. This is an extremely touching melodrama with war thriller elements. The director showed unique talent in different genre segments, for psychological profiling of characters, creation of general atmosphere and in work with actors, creating one of the classics of Croatian and Yugoslav cinema. Ne okreći se sine won the Golden arena in Pula for the best director, actor (together with Ljubo Tadić for Veliki i mali) and set design (together with Ivo Spinčić for Dolina mira).

Screening permit: from July 16, 1956

Export: Poland, Hungary, Czech, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Norway, Italy, Israel, USA, and Canada

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