Tri Ane film

Production year: 1959

Duration: oko 93 minute

Technique: 35mm total scope, black and white


Bauer, Branko

Production house:
Vardar film

Blažina Branko

Marko Petrić is a middle-aged man whose daughter died during the war. However, there arise indications that his daughter might have survived the war and is still alive. Marko tries to track his daughter down and meets with an actress from Belgrade who might be his Ana. In addition, there are some facts that point to Vera Blažek from Zagreb and Marko meets with her as well. Finally, there is the third Ana…

Dušan Stefanović (Marko Petrić), Svetlana Mišković (Ana Ristić), Marija Kohn (Vera Blažek), Dubravka Gall (Ana Mandić), Branko Tatić (Jovo), Ružica Komnenović (Jovo’s wife), Tito Strozzi (professor Mandić), Vera Misita (Adela), Velimir Chytil (Blažek), Josip Marotti (craftsman), Janez Vrhovec (military doctor), Marica Popović, Dubravka Rajh, Marija Danira, Mića Tomić, Dušan Janićijević, Stjepan Jurčević, Etta Bartolazzi, and others.

Country of production:
Federative National Republic of Yugoslavia (National Republic of Macedonia)

Slobodan Glumac (screenplay adapted by Branko Bauer, collaborators on dialogue: Branko Bauer, Arsen Diklić)

Music by:
Bojan Adamič

Edited by:
Radojka Ivančević

Set designer:
Vladimir Tadej

Costume designer:
Mira Glišić

The first of Bauer’s many later escapades outside of Croatian film, Tri Ane is one of the best and most influential films by Branko Bauer. The film is naturalistic, with a harsh characterization and atmosphere. It seems to be a premature overture to Yugoslav and especially the Serbian Black Wave. At the time of its production the critics were quite unfavorable toward it, but from today’s perspective this road film, which can be compared with Antonioni’s Krik was made a year before, undoubtedly holds one of the most important places in the history of Yugoslav film. The most convincing characteristic of this film is Bauers’s contact with elements of modernist poetics.

Awards: Pula 60' - Jury’s third prize for the best film, Jury’s award to Branko Tatić for Best Supporting actor (together with his role in Deveti krug), Jury’s award to Svetlana Mišković fot Best Supporting actress

Screening permit: from November 9, 1959

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