Kako je počeo rat na mom otoku film

Production year: 1996

Duration: 97 minuta

Technique: color


Brešan, Vinko

Production house:
Hrvatska radiotelevizija

Zalar Živko

In the beginning of 1991, the Yugoslav National Army, which does not acknowledge Croatia’s independence, is still holding the military barracks throughout Croatia. Blaž Gajski travels to an island in order to retrieve his son from the barracks situated on this island. The atmosphere on the island is intense. The local government has besieged the barracks, and local people have organized a festival in front of it. With their singing and recitals, they plan to force major Aleksa and his soldiers to surrender. But, Aleksa has planted explosives in the barracks and threatens to blow up the island…

Vlatko Dulić (Blaž Gajski), Ljubomir Kerekeš (major Aleksa), Ivan Brkić (Papak), Predrag Vušović, Božidar Orešković (Boris), Ivica Vidović (poet), Matija Prskalo (Aleksa’s wife Lucija), Goran Navojec, Rene Bitorajac (soldier from Kosovo), Leon Lučev (Blaž Gajski’s son), Senka Bulić (Aleksa’a lover), etc.

Country of production:
Republic of Croatia

Ivo Brešan, Vinko Brešan

Music by:
Mate Matišić

Edited by:
Sandra Botica-Brešan

Set designer:
Ivica Trpčić

Costume designer:
Vanda Ninić

In spite of its having a visual style that is inappropriate for the big screen, (the film was a made-for-television production and its visual concept is much more expressive when shown on TV), and an occasionally lethargic tone, domestic audiences adored this film. After 346,000 people saw this film, it became the most viewed Croatian film of the 1990s. It won an award at the Cottbus film festival, as well as the Golden Arena for Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Matija Prskalo), and Best Costumes in Pula.

Other awards: Pula 1996 - Audience’s award Zlatna vrata

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