Boško Buha film

Production year: 1978

Duration: oko 120 minuta

Technique: 35mm widescreen, color


Bauer, Branko

Production house:
Centar film (Beograd)

Blažina Branko

A group of teenagers are partisan couriers under the command of the experienced Puškar, whom they regard as their father. Soon, the couriers become a bomb squad and the bravest among them are Boško Buha and Sava Sirogojno...

Ivan Kojundžić (Boško Buha), Dragan Bjelogrlić (Sava Sirogojno), Marko Nikolić (Puškar), Žarko Radić (Lune), Ljiljana Blagojević (Milena), Ljubiša Samardžić (Milun), Nebojša Bakočević (Čikalo), Miroljub Lešo (Bata), Milan Štrljić (Ðorđe), Milena Dapčević (Rada), Sabrija Biser (photographer), Svetlana Simić (Jasna), Dragan Savkić (Jovica), Branko Popović, Nenad Ðorđević and others.

Country of production:
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Socialist Republic of Serbia with collaboration of SR Slovenia, SR Croatia, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina and SR Montenegro)

Boško Matić, Dušan Perković (collaborators: Predrag Golubović, Arsen Diklić, Branko Bauer)

Music by:
Zoran Simjanović

Edited by:
Branislava Čeperac

Set designer:
Milenko Jeremić

Costume designer:
Divna Jovanović

Branko Bauer’s last film tells a story about a teenaged national hero Boško Buha and his less known (national hero Sava Sirogojno) and unknown comrades. It is a sort of a return to the author’s roots. Once again he focuses on a group of children in (dangerous) adventurous situations. Bauer demonstrated again his talent for working with child actors (Ivan Kojundžić, today a famous radio host, appears in one of the roles), but this time emotional engagement often unnecessarily led to sentimentality (especially in the 'poetic' ending scene of Boško’s death as well as the equally 'poetic' ending credits accompanied by a song performed by Oliver Dragojević). The episodic elliptic composition is carried out almost mechanically. Today, the array of intensively pathetic and often 'poetic' sequences seem like paradigmatic representatives of camp poetics, even though Bauer did not have such intentions. In spite of all the remarks, a relatively rich plot and interesting characters, as well as the sincere and somewhat sentimental emotionality, guarantee the audience sufficient compensation. Two years after the film was made and distributed, Bauer made the TV series in 5 sequels (each about 55 minutes long).

Awards: Pula 79' - Jury’s Diploma to Stanislava Zarić for Best Make-up (together with the film Kvar)
Niš 79' - Special Jury’s Diploma to Ivan Kojundžić
Večernje novosti to Ivan Kojundžić as Best unprofessional actor
Bombay 79' - Silver Elephant Best Director
- Silver Elephant to Ivan Kojundžić

Screening permit: from November 17, 1978

Export: Australia, India, Socialist republic of Germany, Ethiopia

*Comment: CO-producers are Viba film, Croatia film, Kinema and Zeta film.

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