Prekobrojna film

Production year: 1962

Duration: oko 93 minute

Technique: 35mm cinemascope, black and white


Bauer, Branko

Production house:
Avala film

Blažina Branko

Young Mikajilo and his girlfriend Malena attend yet another work action. This time Mikajilo meets a student Nada and falls in love with her. Malena, who has many times before gone after Mikajilo even though she was not needed in work actions, is left behind. Mikajilo’s flirting with Nada provokes general laughter and ridicule and the ambitious "Don Juan" returns to his brigade and his old girlfriend…

Milena Dravić (Malena), Ljubiša Samardžić (Mikajilo), Boris Dvornik (Dane), Molotov Jovanović (Fića), Dragomir Felba (Čika Živa), Snežana Mihajlović (Nada), Jovan Rančić (Miladin), Miodrag Popović (Toma) and others.

Country of production:
Federative National Republic of Yugoslavia (National Republic of Serbia)

Bogdan Jovanović, Krešo Golik, Branko Bauer

Music by:
Vladimir Kraus-Rajterić

Edited by:
Blaženka Jenčik

Set designer:
Branko Hundić

Costume designer:
Branka Soldo

This very popular romantic comedy, Prekobrojna, was the first of Bauer’s excursions to Serbian film and his first film that was shot in cinemascope. This excursion was somewhat forced by circumstances since no one had shown any interest for it in Jadran Film of Zagreb. In this charming film Bauer once again proved himself an outstanding director of actors. Bauer launched many young and previously little-known (Milena Dravić) or nearly unknown (Ljubiša Samardžić) actors to stardom in this film. At the Pula Film Festival Prekobrojna won the third award as Best film and the Golden Arena for Best Actress. It was shown at the film festival in Karlovy Vary.

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